Seeing the Forest – Getting Organized

I have spent time this past week getting a new part of my website ready that will highlight the “forest” of paintings that I have done of Saratoga cityscapes in which trees play a major role. As I look at  early watercolors and sketches, I go back and forth between thinking about the trends in my work and just enjoying the individual pieces. While in preparation for the show at Spring Street Gallery opening mid-September (probably the 12th) I will be blogging about groupings of works, for now I am providing a link to the individual images and the background information that I have started listing about each one: 

you can just type in  but leave out the usual  www

You can either pick an image from the home page grid to look at, or move among them with the arrows. There are over 80 images to explore – the text will eventually sit better with the images – so be sure to scroll down.  But I am eager to get this out to everyone and get back to the painting part.  And I’ll figure out later how to connect comments to the images. Just be sure you mention the title of the piece you are commenting on.

As an August distraction – and sticking to my theme – here are a few racetrack paintings in which trees are part of the fabric – there are a few other ones on display now at Kettlewell and Edwards on Phila Street.